Ratio’d | These people have CROSSED THE LINE
Ratio’d | These people have CROSSED THE LINE

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear as day now — the radical LGBTQ activists have crossed the line.

During the opening night of a “LGBTQIA2S+” museum exhibit in Quebec City, a man exposed himself to children while lecturing them about “white supremacy.” While most Canadians would see such a display as a disgusting and arguably criminal act, the Quebec City Museum of Civilization along with its sponsors, including TD Bank, see it as a “contemporary art” display.

There is grassroots opposition to this depravity, but it’s not coming from conservative politicians in Canada. Instead, it is coming from parents who are pulling their kids out of school during pride month to protect them from the propaganda that schools and teachers are passionately dispensing at the expense of actual education like math and science.

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