Winnipeg Pride drag queen kids performers posted extreme, satanic-themed content
Winnipeg Pride drag queen kids performers posted extreme, satanic-themed content

A drag queen story hour for children at Pride Winnipeg celebrations on Sunday featured a performance group whose members have posted extreme and satanic-themed content on their social media profiles. 

“The House of Hex” is a Brandon, Manitoba based drag queen group. According to the Pride Winnipeg website, the group held a 2:00 p.m. drag queen story hour on Sunday on the kids stage for its 2023 program.

The group is composed of four performers: Flora Hex, Luna Hex, Mercy Hex and Lilith Hex.

Instagram: @florahex

Instagram profiles by the group’s so-called “mother” Flora Hex and the official House of Hex account post a variety of horror and satanic themed content not suitable for children. 

Some of the photographs feature bondage gear, horns and frightening makeup. 

Instagram: @florahex

Last year, CBC News profiled the group claiming that it spread a “message of expressing kindness, creativity and inclusivity.” 

“It was always like a goal of mine through doing drag … not necessarily making more drag performers or drag artists, but to give people the opportunity to seek to express themselves in ways that they might not have thought of or felt comfortable with before,” Flora told the outlet. 

Protests have erupted across Canada surrounding drag queen events for kids. Opponents of the practice claim that drag queen performances are too sexualized for children and risks confusing them about their natural development. 

Last year, dueling protests occurred outside of a Winnipeg coffee shop where a drag queen story hour took place near Halloween. 

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