Man exposes himself to children in ‘LGBTQIA2S+’ performance at Quebec museum
Man exposes himself to children in ‘LGBTQIA2S+’ performance at Quebec museum

A grown man exposed his penis to children while denouncing “white privilege” in a performance on the opening night of the taxpayer-funded Quebec City Museum of Civilization’s “Love me gender” exhibit.

The museum is defending the act as a “contemporary art performance” aimed at representing “artistic diversity.”

According to a news release, the museum’s new “LGBTQIA2S+” exhibit allows people to “explore the plurality of experiences related to genders. It also highlights how they have transformed over time and in different cultures, in Québec and elsewhere.”

“The main subjects of the exhibition are gender identities and gender expressions; diversity in sexed bodies in the animal and human world; social gender norms and the discrimination associated with them; the social movements and their past and present demands as well as queer and trans cultures of today,” adds the museum.

An undercover video from the exhibit’s opening night by Rebel News shows a shocking performance in which a man in a plexiglass case exposed his penis to children while discussing transgender people and denouncing white privilege.

“White skin, white skin, emaculated, white skin, privileged. Are you afraid to think about it?… Because a black trans woman proceeded my route, I can emancipate myself tonight at the museum,” said the naked performer wrapped in saran wrap and tape, before two other individuals unwrapped him and cut off his underwear. The man then put on a women’s dress.

SCREENSHOT: A male performer exposes his penis to an audience that includes children at the opening night of the Quebec City Museum of Civilization’s “Love me gender” exhibit. Rebel News

In the video, kids are seen reacting uncomfortably to the nudist act.

The Civilization Museum’s “LGBTQIA2S+” exhibit also features multiple pride flags, different modellings of penises, vaginas and breasts, vials of hormones, photos of political tattoos, trans bodies and desecrated Christian outfits and symbols. 

Phrases seen in the exhibit include “queer power,” “they/them/theirs,” “it’s a beautiful day to smash the patriarchy,”  “sex work is work,” “men need abortions too” and “respect my pronouns.”

In response to a query by Le Journal de Montreal columnist Sophie Durocher, a museum spokesperson defended the performance – while boasting about the taxpayer-funded institution having also invited children’s drag performer Barbada de Barbades to the opening night.

“During the opening night of the Love me gender exhibition, several artists were invited to perform, including Barbada, the circus company Flip Fabrique and the theatrical company Kill ta peur, who offered a contemporary art performance,” said public relations officer Anne-Sophie Desmeules.

“All these performances and interventions took place exclusively as part of the launch evening, and were aimed at an informed audience. They aimed to represent the artistic diversity of this community.”

The Museum of Civilization now has a “benevolent warning” for the “all ages” exhibit on its website, noting that it “shows some explicit anatomical elements and partial nudity scenes.” It hence recommends that “children be accompanied by adults to guide them in their visiting experience and start a dialogue on gender diversity.”

In an email to True North, Conservative Party of Quebec leader Eric Duhaime described the exhibit as “the wokinization of our institutions.” He added “I was outraged to learn that they want to indoctrinate children in gender theory. For me, moral values are the job of parents, not the government.” 

Many people on social media reacted with disgust at the nudist performance entertained by the museum.

“I have no words to describe how much contempt I have for the gender ideologues and their enablers, they’ve set tolerance for normal people back 30 years,” said one Twitter user, while another said, “this is the reason people are hating on pride so bad. Leave children out of it.”

“This is simply not ok in any way shape or form. Completely unacceptable on every level,” said another Twitter user. “What’s more disturbing is parents who sat there watching the whole process,” writes another.

The Quebec City Museum of Civilization is a provincial government institution and receives millions of dollars annually from taxpayers. The Quebec Government says the museum’s purpose is “to make known the history and the various cultural elements of our civilization, particularly the social and material aspects of the cultures of the occupants of the territory of Québec .”

The “Love me gender” exhibition will be at the museum until Apr. 14, 2024. It is sponsored by TD Bank and Ubisoft.

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