LEVY: The queer activists have hijacked Pride Season
LEVY: The queer activists have hijacked Pride Season

There are some 67 countries in the world that still consider homosexuality and gay rights a sin.

Some countries have made homosexuality punishable by death. 

According to recent reports, executions for gay sex occur in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.

In three more countries, the death penalty for consensual same-sex relations is on the books – Brunei, Mauritania, Nigeria – but by all reports, executions have not been carried out in recent years.

All we have to do is look at Uganda, which recently passed some of the harshest anti-gay laws just days before Pride Season began. Its government has imposed the death penalty for what is described as “aggravated homosexuality” – which includes gay people having sex with a minor or if the accused suffers from HIV.

Those human rights abuses should have been the focus as Pride Season kicked off this week.

But in what has become an increasingly divided LGBT community in Canada, the queer activists have hijacked the discourse.

They’ve decided those institutions and assorted others that don’t fly Pride flags or embrace gender ideology or don’t shout their gayness from the rooftops or don’t march in lockstep with their increasingly radical way of thinking are engaged in hatred.

This tweet from a socialist activist is highly indicative of their way of thinking:

I’m not sure who this activist defines as a “homophobe” but for years and years, Pride has been about acceptance, tolerance and just plain having fun. 

But then the Rainbow flag was replaced by the Pride progress flag, a creation of queer activists who feel BIPOC queers and trans folk are more oppressed than regular mainstream gays and lesbians like me.

The queer activists have become louder and louder, declaring anyone, gay or straight, who doesn’t use pronouns or believes in ramming gender ideology down the throats of prepubescent children or who think biological males identifying as trans can’t have children, are hateful, transphobic and of course, from the dreaded far right.

They are enabled by corporate Canada (and America) desperate to look socially responsible and to make big profits off the LGBTQI+ population (instead of being attacked by the angry mob).

It was perhaps predictable to see the plethora of virtue signalling messaging from various corporate entities this week. 

Note the Pride progress flag in these tweets:

These entities embedded the Pride colours right into their logos:

Of course, it’s easy for these corporations to virtue signal with a tweet, or a colouful  logo. It’s far harder to do the heavy lifting and actually admit there are still countries (many with a largely black or Muslim population) that consider homosexuality a sin and where people must hide their true identities.

The activists would never go there, so to speak, given that there is likely a cognitive dissonance between the attitudes of those countries and the support of the woke for all BIPOC and Muslim causes.

Still, it is painful for many of us who lived in the closet or fought for gay rights in a far less tolerant era to see the divisiveness and the shrieking by these activists in search of a cause.

I’ve repeatedly said that they do not do any of us in the gay community a service with their attempts to bully anyone who doesn’t march to their precise drumbeat.

If there is any sort of backlash, it’s because parents and others – who are perfectly accepting of my marriage to a woman – are tired of being dictated to by the loud out-of-control queer activists.

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