Ratio’d | I just EXPOSED Toronto’s insane “harm reduction” strategy
Ratio’d | I just EXPOSED Toronto’s insane “harm reduction” strategy

In the name of “harm reduction,” The City of Toronto is giving away free crack pipes, crystal meth pipes and drug starter kits to anyone who wants them. Despite the federal government and city officials being very proud that our taxpayer dollars are enabling addicts, they don’t seem nearly as inclined to show taxpayers what is actually going on behind closed doors inside these buildings.

On this special episode of Ratio’d, Harrison Faulkner goes downtown to ‘The Works’, a city-run “safe” injection and “safe” supply site in the middle of Toronto. We wanted to see just how easy it is for someone to get their own drug starter kit. However, Harrison quickly found out that journalists aren’t welcome inside. Despite that, an addict offered to go inside and get the entire taxpayer funded goody bag for True North, so we can show you what is really taking place.

So-called “safe supply” and “harm reduction” strategies have proven to be an abject failure. Since 2016, over 30,000 Canadians have died from opioid overdoses and instead of providing treatment to addicts, government officials seem hell-bent on facilitating addictions by giving addicts a green light to shoot up.

Watch this special episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

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