LEVY: Anti-progress pride flag vote gets queer activists all riled up
LEVY: Anti-progress pride flag vote gets queer activists all riled up

It quickly became clear late Monday night that the York District Catholic School Board (YDCSB) had voted down the idea of flying the pride progress flag in front of their education centre judging from the cast of horrified drama queens who weighed in on social media.

At the top of the list was Paolo DeBuono – on leave from his Grade 7-8 classroom at the Toronto Catholic board. DeBuono, who has been downright obsessive about pushing gender and radical 2SLGBTQI ideology on his students and colleagues, left his teaching duties at the end of April after confronting parents protesting about the pride progress flag at the YDCSB’s last board meeting.

Police were called more than once.

In one of his tweets De Buono, who appears to have no boundaries and no recognition of who pays his salary, urged parents not to enroll their kids in the YDCSB, claiming that it is unsafe.

Following months of debate over the issue, Monday night’s vote against flying the pride progress flag at the YDCSB education centre next month was 6-4.

What is not mentioned in the flurry of virtue signaling and legacy media handwringing is that the flag proposed is the progress flag, rather than the traditional rainbow flag.

The progress flag, developed in 2018, is a radical queer variation which includes black and brown stripes representing marginalized black communities and pink, light blue and white stripes from the transgender flag.

This flag, which is ridiculously divisive, promotes the idea that gay and lesbians of colour, as well as trans folk, are much more oppressed than those of us who are gay or lesbian and are Caucasian. All it does is pander to woke culture.

Nevertheless the vote set off all the usual suspects with a vested interest in queer ideology.

Pflag York Region claimed in a tweet that the YCDSB is “not safe” for the LGBTQ2IA+ community, as if to suggest flying a flag would make all gay and lesbian students feel far more welcome.

Egale Canada, which has become embroiled in queer ideology and trans rights to stay relevant, claimed that the decision was all about “hate.”

Former Liberal MP Adam Vaughan suggested taxpayers in York region switch their allegiance to the public from the Catholic board.

Radical left MP Kristyn Wong-Tam, who considers herself the arbiter of all good manners with respect to the gay community, also tweeted her horror with the decision. The very fact that she used the word “queer” in her tweet suggests to me that she has deviated tremendously far from what the average gay and lesbian person thinks.

As an out lesbian, I don’t need the pride flag, and certainly not the pride progress flag, flying in front of a Catholic education centre to make me feel proud of my rights.

While I’ve always felt there should be only one publicly funded education system in Ontario, I respect the Catholic board for standing firm and not bowing to pressure from the loud activists.

For what really disturbs me is the lynch mob mentality of the queer activists and assorted allies to ram such decisions down everyone’s throats as a mark of whether they are decent, caring people or not.

I’m so tired of these woke activists insisting everyone has to do it their way, or else.

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