An explosion was reported in the provincial capital of the Krasnodar Region

The facade of an office building was damaged in a Friday morning blast in Krasnodar, southern Russia, according to photos and videos shared on social media. Local news outlets and Telegram channels reported, citing eyewitnesses, that the facility was likely struck by a Ukrainian drone.

While officials have yet to issue a comment, multiple popular digital news outlets, including Mash, Baza and SHOT, all shared footage of the alleged drone strike. Some reports suggested that the drone was shot down by the air defenses, as eyewitnesses reportedly heard at least two blasts.

In one of the videos, a blast could be heard seconds after what appears to be a drone flies out of vision.

The Baza telegram channel shared another video captured by a local, which shows smoke billowing in the aftermath of the strike.

Meanwhile, Readovka shared pictures of the aftermath, apparently showing the damaged facade of the building that belongs to the Russian cellphone network operator MTS.

In one of the videos shared by the SHOT, an unmanned aerial vehicle could be seen flying across the sky, but it is hard to verify where and when the clip was recorded.

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