Bernier says he will run to fill former CPC MP Candice Bergen’s Manitoba seat
Bernier says he will run to fill former CPC MP Candice Bergen’s Manitoba seat

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier will compete for a federal seat in rural Manitoba in a forthcoming byelection.

Bernier will be running to replace former Conservative Party interim leader and Portage–Lisgar MP Candice Bergen who announced she was leaving political life. In an announcement, Bernier pitted himself as the main opponent to the Conservatives – his former political home. 

“I’m proud to announce that I’m putting my name forward in the upcoming byelection in your riding,” Bernier told supporters. 

“I’m ready to be your representative in the House of Commons, because we know that families deserve a strong voice and I’m ready to be that strong voice for you and for the country.” 

According to Bernier, the byelection results will be a “major turning point” for Canada. 

Although the byelection has yet to be called by the Prime Minister, the Conservatives nominated candidate Branden Leslie to run in the riding. 

In the 2021 federal election, PPC candidate Solomon Wiebe came second to Bergen with 21.58% of the vote – among the best results the party has seen running federally. 

According to the latest poll, the PPC is currently sitting at 2% of the federal vote. 

During his speech, Bernier blasted the “woke cult” that is tearing down the traditional foundations of Canadian society. 

“The woke cult is tearing down the traditional pillars of our society and seeking to establish a twisted and deeply sick vision of the future,” said Bernier. 

“It is not the People’s Party that divides the Conservative vote, on the contrary, it is the Conservatives who move ever more to the left to divide the Liberal vote.”

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