<div>China Updates Conscription Law, Eyeing 'High-Tech Regional Conflict' Over Taiwan</div>
China Updates Conscription Law, Eyeing ‘High-Tech Regional Conflict’ Over Taiwan

China rolled out a new recruitment policy this week, including an update to its military conscription law, which came into force Monday after being approved by the State Council and Central Military Commission.

The effort is aimed at creating a more high-tech and cyberwarfare capable army involving highly skilled personnel. The new guidelines explicitly say the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should “focus on preparations for war” and needs more soldiers utilizing high-tech weaponry.

<div>China Updates Conscription Law, Eyeing 'High-Tech Regional Conflict' Over Taiwan</div>
Image: AP

The guidelines expand the military’s ability for short-notice enlistments in instances of highly qualified recruits, as well as prior service personnel, and even college students who have knowledge of space and cyberwar domains. 

According to some of the updated policy and rules

The amended rules require the recruitment of “high-quality soldiers” in a “lawful, precise and efficient manner.”

There is scope for wider mobilization of the population in the event of war, including the recruitment of women to active service if numbers require it, as well as previously demobilized soldiers, who may return to their old posts and rank “if they meet the requirements.”

“During wartime, the State Council and the Central Military Commission may adjust the requirements and methods used to enlist citizens to active service,” according to one of rules published in state news agency Xinhua.

This came the same week as an Axios report which reviews how each allied US country in the Pacific is nervously preparing for possible showdown over Taiwan.

“A war between the U.S. and China over Taiwan would be a nightmare scenario for America’s allies in the Pacific, but it’s becoming increasingly clear what roles they might play if one breaks out,” wrote Axios.

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Wed, 05/03/2023 – 21:50

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