Police Bust Into Arkansas Man’s Home for Piercing His Son’s Ear (VIDEO)

A video that’s making its way around the web shows police busting into an Arkansas man’s home for piercing his son’s ear.

The video shows five police officers storming a Tontitown, Arkansas man’s home for “illegally” piercing his own son’s ear.

The man arrested in the video was Jeremy Sherland and in the video, Sherland is in disbelief that the police were arresting him for practicing “Body art without a license.”

Sherland’s son could also be heard in the video saying, “I wanted my ears pierced.”


Per The Fort Smith Times:

A video said to be of a Tontitown man being arrested on a felony complaint of piercing his son’s left ear has gone viral, prompting police to release a statement about their actions.

Jeremy Sherland is seen on the video as five police officers arrest him inside his home. Police confirmed the Thursday arrest.

According to a statement Saturday from Tontitown police, Sherland faces complaints of violating an Arkansas law that restricts body piercing for children under age 16. The law allows for piercing of the earlobe. Tontitown police did not specify what part of the boy’s ear had been pierced.

Sherland was released from the Washington County jail on Saturday after posting a $1,500 bond and is now facing several complaints which include obstruction of a government operation, resisting arrest and endangering the welfare of a child.

It’s a sad day for freedom when a dad gets arrested for piercing his own son’s ear while at the same time gender transition surgery for minors is legal.

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