More Discussion About the Leaked Intelligence Documents
More Discussion About the Leaked Intelligence Documents

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but there were some new developments today in the “Leaked Intelligence Documents” saga and I had a chance to discuss them with Judge Napolitano and Scott Ritter. I don’t know about you, but I found the discussions scintillating and enjoyable. I know you will let me know if you see things different.

In between my chat with Judge Nap and Scott Ritter, I received a tip from a friend that some of the Air Force bases do in fact have access in the SCIFs to the CIA documents allegedly posted by Jack Teixeira. Apparently, there are a number of CIA officers posted at these bases and a decision was made a few years back to open the access to them. But the access is not wide open. You have to have the right “tickets” in order to get into that compartment.

This is a point I failed to mention in previous posts — i.e., ticketed permission. Let me use another more mundane example to explain. The NRA (aka National Rifle Association) has a website for instructors ( Only people who are NRA certified instructors can access that site. The NRA has a variety of categories for instructor certification, such as Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Concealed Carry Weapon, and Personal Protection Outside the Home. If you only are certified as a Basic Pistol instructor then you cannot access any of the training material for the other disciplines.

The same sort of system applies to folks with a TOP SECRET clearance. You may have a TS, SCI clearance, which Jack Texeira reportedly had, but that does not grant you full, unfettered access to all intelligence posted on the TS server.

Here are the interviews:

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