Self-defence classes sell out after increased violence on the TTC
Self-defence classes sell out after increased violence on the TTC

A new self-defence class in Toronto aimed at teaching subway riders has completely sold out due to large demand after increased attacks on the TTC.

The Toronto Krav Maga Academy aims to help riders know what to do if faced with an attacker on public transit.

“This seminar will be based on a handful of recent transit attacks that have made the news,” writes their website. “Including attempts to push civilians onto subway tracks, striking and weapons attacks.”

“It’s tough to function under stress. Your motor skills deteriorate your awareness, and you develop tunnel vision,” Chris Gagne, head instructor at the Toronto Krav Maga Academy, told NEWSTALK 1010’s Moore in the Morning as reported by CP24.

“We want people to be able to function even in those circumstances when they’re under duress. And that’s not easy.”

The program called the “Civilian Self-Defence Academy” promises to teach attendees situational awareness at bus stops and underground transit, techniques to defend themselves in confined spaces, and even surviving weapons attacks.”

Gagne is even offering participants seven free classes at several other self-defence gyms such as FIIT Co, Tanuki Martial Arts and Kombat Arts Training Academy.

“There was a huge demand leading up to us organizing and designing the courses,” Gagne said. “We had set up one, and with all the events that are happening…plus, you know, the media coverage as well, that people are really concerned and they sold out really quickly.”

According to their website, all April seminars are full with no options to sign up for classes until May.

Last week, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre held a press conference criticizing the Trudeau government’s bail reforms after several violent attacks in neighbourhoods across Canada.

“The crime wave is the direct result of Justin Trudeau and the NDP allowing repeat violent offenders onto the streets again,” said Poilievre. “They have flooded our streets with repeat, dangerous offenders and drugs and the results are plain to all eyes.”

16-year-old Gabriel Magalhaes was stabbed and killed in Toronto’s Keele station last month by a suspect who had an extensive criminal history after assaulting a man with a boxcutter last year.

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