BC school board censors former pro-parent trustee candidate
BC school board censors former pro-parent trustee candidate

A British Columbia school board has quietly issued a “no trespass order” to a former school trustee candidate only months after she ran on a pro-parents ticket. 

Jewlie Rose Milligan could face arrest if she violates the order which bars her from appearing on school properties, attending school board meetings or contacting school trustees or staff in Vernon, BC. 

“I have grandkids and I would like to be involved in schools. (The order) has limited me to where I can go and what I can do. It’s taken away my freedoms,” Milligan told True North. 

“I actually called the police to see and they said that the no trespass order would be enforced.” 

Milligan claims that the order stems from her delivering a “notice of liability” written by the group Action4Canada to school officials over the teaching of sexually explicit content to children in BC schools. 

“There’s not threats in it. It just states the fact that if this is happening, it could be a criminal offence and if you are complicit with it, you are liable,” said Milligan. 

The validity of “notices of liability” have been disputed by legal experts.

Milligan ran in the 2022 municipal election under the ParentsVoice BC banner, landing in eighth place. 

According to Milligan, a police officer showed up at her home to deliver her the no trespassing order. 

“An RCMP officer came to my door and delivered the no trespass order to my mom,” said Milligan. 

“I wrote a response and I asked for it to be rescinded and an apology because there was no substantiation. I also asked them to provide details of the incident they were alleging I did, which of course they did not do.” 

School District 22’s order claims that Milligan also “intimidated” staff and trustees – an allegation which Milligan denies. 

“You have sent threatening and intimidating letters to our staff accusing them of criminal and other unlawful conduct,” the order claimed. 

“You have attended a board meeting and again engaged in intimidating conduct toward our staff via registered mail and delivery at the school board office.” 

Some school boards in BC have taken extraordinary measures in response to a wave of parents upset that sexually explicit and gender ideology content was being made available to children. 

A series of tense stand offs at the Chilliwack School District led to trustees requiring parents who wish to attend school board meetings to have their photo ID and personally identifying information collected.

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