Poilievre discussed Chinese interference and vaccine mandate with Biden
Poilievre discussed Chinese interference and vaccine mandate with Biden

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre spoke with US President Joe Biden during his official visit to Canada about Chinese election interference and the ongoing border vaccine mandate. 

In a statement released by Poilievre’s office, the Conservative leader outlined his meeting with the US President. 

“Poilievre discussed foreign interference in Canadian elections, committed to supporting common national defence interests, and to invest in the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to keep our people safe,” said Poilievre. 

“(He) also expressed his desire to end softwood lumber tariffs that hurt both the Canadian and American economies, exempt Canada from “Buy America” rules that drive up costs and drive down wages, and to lift COVID vaccine requirements for Canadians visiting the United States.” 

Canadians are still prohibited from travelling to the US via land or air due to an ongoing border vaccine mandate. 

In January, pilot and head of the unvaccinated travel advocate group Free to Fly Canada, Greg Hill, told True North that the US was in the same league as Pakistan when it came to border vaccine mandates. 

“They’re not in good company… Angola, Pakistan, there’s other West African countries so these are their compatriots as far as edicts keeping the unvaccinated out,” said Hill.

Biden and his White House entourage arrived in Canada on Thursday for a two-day state trip to Canada – the first of his presidency. 

Poilievre also be attending a state dinner later in the evening with other opposition leaders and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

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