EXCLUSIVE: “We need to know what Trudeau knew” Poilievre says on election interference
EXCLUSIVE: “We need to know what Trudeau knew” Poilievre says on election interference

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre says that Liberals have “deep ties” to China and that a public inquiry is needed to find out what exactly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knew about Beijing’s election interference in the 2019 and 2021 elections.

“We do need a public inquiry that can requisition documents and force testimony under oath,” Poilievre told True North in a sit down interview with Andrew Lawton in London, Ont. “But we also need Parliament to continue its examination.”

“We need to know what Justin Trudeau and his top staff knew,” he continued. “There’s reports that CSIS was briefing them about the way in which Beijing was supporting Justin Trudeau and giving money to his foundation.”

“We need confirmation that he knew that,” he said.

“Corporate Liberals have been making fortunes doing business with Beijing for many years,” said Poilievre when asked if he thinks the Liberals have a ‘soft spot’ for China. “They have deep ties and they fostered those ties into what appears to be a political advantage.”

“Now, the question is whether or not the Liberal Party knew and if so, what it did about Beijing’s interference,” he said. “So far Justin Trudeau does not seem to be wanting to tell the truth.”

When it comes to the form the inquiry could take, Poilievre offered caveats. “What I don’t want to see is for the Liberals to create an inquiry that shuts down the debate, doesn’t start for four months, is largely done in secret and doesn’t report until after the next federal election which could face interference again,” said Poilievre.

After a series of reports from The Globe & Mail and Global News that revealed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has documented alleged interference in the Canadian elections and candidate nomination races in 2019 and 2021. The reports claim that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was made aware of this intelligence, drawing scrutiny over his government’s lack of action.

According to CSIS sources and documents first reported by Global News, Liberal MP Han Dong received help from the Chinese consulate in Toronto during his nomination to be the Liberal candidate in 2019. 

China allegedly aimed to influence Justin Trudeau after he became the Liberal Leader in 2013 by facilitating a $1 million donation that in part went to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

True North’s full interview with Pierre Poilievre, which covered housing, affordability, and his comments on German MEP Christine Anderson’s visit to Canada will be available on all platforms Monday.

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