Is Biden Conning The Ukrainians?  Claims Ukraine Flags Fly Across America
Is Biden Conning The Ukrainians? Claims Ukraine Flags Fly Across America

During his recent surprise visit to Ukraine, Joe Biden strutted out in front of press cameras with Volodymyr Zelensky to the sound of pre-planned air raid sirens and declared America’s ongoing support for the country’s war efforts.  Biden’s appearance was coordinated with the announcement of a $2.5 billion weapons package, the 30th such package in the past year.  However, what was not mentioned is that NATO has been shifting into older armor vehicles such as MRAPS and reducing valuable supplies of anti-tank weapons like the Javelin. 

According to the inventories of multiple NATO countries, there has actually been a draw down of shipments as supplies become strained.  Concerns are rising among NATO officials that they will not be able to continue arming Ukraine while also maintaining their own readiness, but the Biden Administration appears intent on at least giving the appearance that US backing is stronger than ever.

Is Biden Conning The Ukrainians?  Claims Ukraine Flags Fly Across America

Some confusion surrounds the actual objectives of NATO backed Ukraine forces, as officials talk about not only taking back the Donbas, but also taking back Crimea which has been in Russian hands since 2014.  These sentiments may sound like optimistic rhetoric designed to inspire, but they are certainly not realistic given the wide array of defenses that Russia is establishing to stall any approach.  Not to mention, reports of counter actions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions suggest the Russians are successfully targeting Ukrainian units – Even Zelensky openly admitted that the situation in Donetsk was “very difficult.”

After Biden’s dramatic display in Ukraine, he went on to Warsaw, Poland to give a speech on the developing conflict.  One of his statements in particular deserves further analysis:

Biden proudly proclaims that Ukrainian flags are flying above homes in small towns and large cities across America, insinuating that the majority of Americans are in full support of what many now perceive to be a proxy war.  Polls show American public support for Ukraine aid is waning, with conservatives losing all faith in the project.  The tale of Ukraine flags flying across the US is also simply false.  In general, you are are much more likely to see a “Let’s Go Brandon” flag over the front door of an American home than you are to see a Ukrainian flag.

But why is Biden trying to hype up Ukrainians using dishonest rhetoric? Biden’s surprise appearance and the announced weapons package feels more like a last-ditched effort to rally Ukraine against an impending onslaught he knows is coming soon.  Either that, or it is an attempt to puff up, a display to show Putin that NATO is still very much in the game and distract from the reality that weapons supplies are faltering.

The flag comment could also be intended to give Ukrainians the false impression that Americans will eventually support direct troop deployment to the region, which should not be necessary unless Ukraine’s footing in the war is not as strong as has been asserted.  It may be true that there are US advisers and perhaps even special forces on the ground in Ukraine, but the majority of US citizens are vehemently opposed to open warfare with Russia.  In other words, “boots on the ground” is not going to happen without mass opposition and instability at home.  

At bottom, the Biden visit with Zelensky and his bizarre claims in Poland signal a coming change in the war that is not yet clear.                 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 02/22/2023 – 19:25