1 in 4 want vaccine passports back in British Columbia
1 in 4 want vaccine passports back in British Columbia

A recent poll has found that a sizable chunk of British Columbians want to see Covid-19 vaccine passports return despite the fact that more and more people are moving on from the pandemic. 

An online survey conducted by Research Co. from Feb. 10 – 12 found that nearly one in four residents (23%) wanted proof of vaccination certificates to become mandatory again to access certain services. 

Like the rest of Canada, British Columbia lifted its vaccine requirements last year. As of April 2022 vaccine passports were no longer required to access restaurants, theatres and indoor events. 

Views around the threat Covid-19 poses have also changed over the years, according to Research Co. president Mario Conseco. 

In 2021, 81% of people in the province said the virus was a “real threat.” Today, that number stands at 69%. 

“It is clear that COVID-19 remains a concern, but at a lower level than two years ago,” writes Conseco. 

When it comes to reinstating mask mandates, 21% would like to see the requirement make a return. At the same time, there’s a dwindling number of people who want to have capacity restrictions for churches and other indoor events. 

In 2021 81% supported the province in gathering restrictions, today only 17% have voiced support for the idea. 

“While skepticism towards governments and the media has risen, the appetite to return to the regulations of the past is not as high,” said Conseco. 

“For (62%) of British Columbians, we are in a different moment and there is no need for additional public health measures related to COVID-19.” 

“This leaves (18%) of residents who feel we should have stricter public health measures in place to stop the spread of the virus, and (9%) who consider the pandemic a hoax that never should have altered our lives.”

Support for the media has also fallen. In 2021, 63% of residents had a favourable impression of TV news coverage. Today that support sits at 52%.