The Alberta Roundup | Poilievre denounces “Just Transition”
The Alberta Roundup | Poilievre denounces “Just Transition”

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has sided with the Alberta government in their opposition to the Trudeau government’s “Just Transition” proposal, which aims to move workers from the oil and gas sector to “greener” jobs. Meanwhile, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is following up on her meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in which she raised the province’s concerns with the feds’ controversial proposal.

Plus, as cities across the country deal with a spike in crime, a 12-week partnership between the Alberta Sheriffs and Calgary Police will begin at the end of this month to deter crime by increasing the presence of police.

And Rachel talks about her documentary, The Freedom Occupation, which premiered earlier this week. She wants to know after watching the documentary, do you feel the prime minister was justified in invoking the Emergencies Act?

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