Fake News Friday | An outrageous week for the CBC
Fake News Friday | An outrageous week for the CBC

The CBC wins the bronze, silver and gold medals for the most outrageous news this week on Fake News Friday. First, the CBC warns that newspapers are under threat by “monopoly capitalism.” What’s their solution? Bring on the government regulators, of course! Instead of changing up a failing business model, the CBC wants more taxpayer subsidies.

Next the story Canadians have all been waiting for…the habits of New York vegans. The CBC interviews a man from Manhattan who says recycling and composting is not going far enough so he’s decided to unplug his fridge to save the planet. That $1.2 billion the state broadcaster receives annually is really paying off for Canadians.

To bring it home, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre had a humorous exchange with a CBC reporter about the Trudeau government’s failed plan to ban hunting rifles.

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