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From The Gateway Pundit

In June, Biden fell off his bike at a complete stop while surrounded by reporters.

Secret Service swooped in and ensured Biden was not injured after he toppled onto the asphalt.

The bike fall escalated concerns about Biden’s frailty after he has been seen tripping on the stairs leading to Air Force One on several occasions.

Biden’s handlers allowed him to ride in public again last week. He was heckled while riding on a path by his home.

Heckler: “Hey, where your f***ing training wheels at?”

“Hey, Where Your F***ing Training Wheels At?” – Joe Biden Heckled on Bike Ride in Delaware — VIDEO

Now the #BidenBikeChallenge is becoming a trend in Delaware.

People are taking photos of themselves laying down in the same spot where Biden toppled onto the asphalt.



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