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From The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s top advisor Jared Bernstein was unable to answer for Biden’s humiliating and fruitless trip to the Middle East where he begged the Saudis for oil.

Not only did Joe Biden beg the Saudis for oil, he did so after vowing to not meet with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“I’m not going to meet with MBS. I’m going to an international meeting, and he’s going to be part of it,” Biden said last month.

The Saudis told Biden to pound sand after he begged for oil.

On Saturday the Saudi Minister of State told CNN that the regime refused to commit to boosting oil production.

Joe Biden arrived to Joint Base Andrews Saturday evening at 11:25 pm ET empty-handed after being repeatedly kicked in the teeth.

Biden’s advisors appeared on the Sunday networks as Joe Biden hid at the White House with nothing on his public schedule.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Jared Bernstein about Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil.

“I would refer you to [Saudi Arabia] for more information,” Bernstein said.



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