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From The Gateway Pundit

A cartoon of Bill Gates on social media makes fun of the billionaire and public health expert.

A cartoon of Bill Gates makes fun of his personality while sharing sarcastic remarks related to his past and recent actions and statements.  See below:

Only yesterday we heard from Bill Gates who vowed to remove himself from the list of top billionaires by giving all his wealth to his own foundation.

Bill Gates Vows to Remove Himself from the Billionaire’s List by Donating $20 Billion to His Own Foundation

Gates showed his compassion for his fellow travelers on earth when discussing the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a man he knew.

“Well, He’s Dead” – Creepy Bill Gates Gives Awkward Answer When Confronted on His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (VIDEO)

Not everyone likes Bill Gates.  At a recent event a huge crowd showed up.  They weren’t his fans.

“ARREST BILL GATES!” – Roaring Massive ‘Super Protest’ Ascends Outside of TED Talk Ahead Of Gates’ Keynote Speech – Media Silent


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