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We should have known Obama was behind the recent surge in the Critical Race Theory (CRT).  A video of a former student of Obama’s says he was pushing CRT at the University of Chicago years ago.

A former student of Barack Obama’s claims that Obama was teaching CRT at the University of Chicago years ago.  Brett Hall shares in the video below, uncovered recently the following about Obama’s fetish with CRT:

I went to the University of Chicago Law School and Barack came to the University right after he left Harvard.  And he was actually at the university writing his book, on his first book, right after law school.  he spent two years doing that.  And then by my third year of law school he taught his first class which was a seminar and I think maybe, maybe, eight or nine of us signed up for it.

So it was a small class but it was terrific.  It was on critical race theory and the law.

According to one author, CRT ‘scholars’ interacted with Marxists and individuals like Malcolm X in the early days.

Critical Race Theory and Critical Legal Theory appeared within scholarly writing almost simultaneously in the 1970s.  As Critical Race Theory legal scholars interacted in conferences across the U.S., they welcomed a variety of non-legal influences ranging from Marxist theorist, Antonio Gramsci, to recently deceased social and political activists such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

Most Americans would have a hard time believing Martin Luther King was behind CRT.  The reason is King saw Americans based on their character while CRT bases judgements of individuals based on the color of their skin.

Recent material pushed in classrooms across the county is filthy and racist.  Americans don’t want their children being taught radical racism.

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Now we know Obama was behind this CRT garbage years ago. 

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