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Via Jenifer Zeng — Residents of Beijing, China are required to wear an electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities.

That way their movements can be monitored by the regime.

The bracelet can also monitor your body temperature 24/7, as well as your locations and movements.

That is like what the regime did in America.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used phone location data to track millions Americans in 2021.

The CDC monitored curfew zones, churches, schools, neighbor-to-neighbor visits and trips to pharmacies through SafeGraph, a controversial data broker.

The CDC purchased the phone data and used Covid-19 as an excuse to buy the data more quickly and in larger quantities according to documents exclusively obtained by Motherboard through a FOIA request.

The CDC used the data to determine whether Americans were complying with Covid lockdown orders.

In America.

Maybe this is next.

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