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Pennsylvania GOP creates a political action committee (PAC) to prevent GOP Senator Doug Mastriano from winning the Governor’s race.  

The liberals in the GOP won’t give up their power so easily.  They will do all they can to stop Americans from running the country.  They would rather have Democrats running the country than Trump-backed Americans.

A group of RINOs in Pennsylvania is working to prevent the GOP candidate for governor from winning in the upcoming election.  PennLive reports:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano will have to fend off attacks from many Democratic groups on the way to November and he can now add a GOP-backed political action committee to the list.

Coming just days after nine Pennsylvania Republican leaders endorsed Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro, the state’s attorney general, a group of centrist Republicans with deep roots in state government and politics have formed a PAC opposing Mastriano, a state senator from Franklin County.

Mastriano was President Trump’s pick for governor so the establishment GOP wants to stop him.

“If You’re Afraid of Transparency, You’re Part of the Problem” – Sen. Doug Mastriano OBLITERATES State Democrats for Pushback on Elections Audit (VIDEO)

Like their counterparts across the country, RINOs are not America first, they see Americans as working for them and not them working for Americans.  If they worked for America they would assist America-first candidates in their races against Democrats but they are sadly not behind the people.

Guys like Craig Snyder (cited in the article) are real pieces of work.  They hide behind Reagan as if Reagan would have of approved of their actions in supporting Democrats and the destruction of America.

These same people were those who supported Hillary Clinton over President Trump.  They never would have seen Roe v. Wade overturned had they had their way.

It is time to get rid of radical RINOs once and for all.  The corrupt Dems might have you.  Good riddance. 

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