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If the Democrat Party’s cult of insurrectionists discover you are against late-term abortions and find out where you live, they may vandalize your home.

And don’t expect the police to prosecute the terrorists.

An attorney who founded the Thomas More Society, a conservative Catholic law firm, was attacked as abortion activists threw smoke bombs and firecrackers at his house following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

The insurgents surrounded the home of pro-life lawyer Thomas Brejcha, in Evanston, Illinois around 8:30 pm earlier this month.

Law enforcement officials watched the rioters amass around the Brejcha’s home address and did not intervene until they swarmed his property, leaving behind minor damages to his house.

“Once the protesters went on private property, threw paint on the private residence and lit a smoke bomb, the dispersal order was given,” Cmdr. Ryan Glew of the Evanston Police Department told the Daily Northwestern, the only publication to report the attack. “The staged [Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Mobile Field Force] Bike Team was activated and arrived on scene. The protesters immediately dispersed and went back to Lovelace Park without incident.”

No arrests were made.

The terrorists were able to identify Brejcha’s address on a flyer that was distributed at a protest notifying demonstrators that he is a prominent figure in the “grassroots far-right Christian movement.”

“The flyer also said his role in attempting to restrict abortion access is part of a larger effort to push back civil rights for women, Black, Indigenous and people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. It also publicized Brejcha’s address,” Daily Northwestern reports.

One of the protesters claims she felt unsafe as police stood down during the violence and concludes they refrained from using excessive force because most of the protesters were white.

“I went to a (different) protest on Sunday and it was us walking around in circles at Harrison Park,” she told the publication. “I think this (protest) did a really good job of hitting that intersection at state oppression as a larger entity.”

“On the front line people graffitied, ‘If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you,” the protester continued. “They were throwing smoke bombs and fire crackers.”

Brejcha was a legal counsel in 1985 representing Joseph Scheidler and his organization the Pro-Life Action League in a lawsuit against the National Organization For Women. Brejcha took the case to the Supreme Court three times.

While Brejcha continues be a pro-life advocate, the Thomas More Society’s has not recently litigated abortion issues. The organization has only filed an amicus brief in 2021 in Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women Health Organization, a case concerning a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, asserting that “the right to reproductive freedom is not supported by history or legal tradition.”

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