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From The Gateway Pundit

Attorney David Clement was on Bannon’s War Room on Thursday and he shared why NPR is targeting him and his professional opinion on the 2020 Election.

Attorney David Clement shared with Bannon the reason he was being targeted by NPR is that he has credibility.  Clement was an award-winning prosecutor with eight winning murder convictions and a former professor in New Mexico.

Clement says he took the same format that he used in the legal profession to address the 2020 Election.

We started looking at what happened in 2020 because it’s a crime scene and the evidence is overwhelming.  So NPR doesn’t really challenge our findings and they do that will all of the different people that are in this movement, but we bring credibility…

…In Otera County for instance, we found out that that the entire election file for 2020 was wiped which is a violation of federal and state law.  So that in and of itself is an example of criminal activity.

Listen to more of attorney Clement’s remarks below.


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