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From The Gateway Pundit

President Trump sat down with OAN’s Chanel Rion to discuss the current situation in the US and his plans going forward yesterday. 

The first question from Rion to President Trump was:

Do you expect to be the first President since FDR to win three Presidential campaigns?”

Wow – You’ll never hear that question from this corrupt media.  The President responded with:

We have a very sad result.  You covered it very well but we had just an absolute horrible result for the country.  And in 2020 we got more votes than any sitting President by far.”

President Trump then covered the media.

We don’t have freedom of speech.  We don’t have a free press and a fair press.  The press is actually corrupt.  I think I was the one with the fake news and called them fake news loud and clear and it became almost a staple.  But it’s actually must worse than fake news.  It’s corrupt news.  It’s fake but it’s corrupt.  They report stories the way they want to report them.  And in many ways the worst thing they do is what they don’t report.  They won’t report things. [i.e. stolen election, corrupt Mueller gang, corrupt Biden regime, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc…]”

See the entire 24-minute interview below.

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