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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reportedly shot from the back on Friday morning out in public.

His heart and lungs stopped, according to reports.

NHK reported:

Former Prime Minister Abe, who was giving a speech in Nara City, collapsed around 11:30 am today. There is also information that he was shot with a gun, which means he appears to be in cardiopulmonary arrest. Police have arrested a man in his 40s on the scene and are investigating the situation in detail.

At around 11:30 am today, former Prime Minister Abe, who was giving a speech near Yamato-Saidaiji Station in Nara City, collapsed and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

According to the fire department, former Prime Minister Abe is in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, and he is planning to transport it from the hospital to which he is transported to Nara Medical University Hospital in Kashihara City by a doctor helicopter.

According to police officials, former Prime Minister Abe was conscious and responded to the call when he was transported by ambulance.

A woman who was nearby at the time of the shooting said, “Former Prime Minister Abe was giving a speech normally, but a man came from behind. The first shot heard only a very loud sound and the person did not fall down. However, the moment the second shot was shot, former Prime Minister Abe collapsed. Many people around him were gathering for a heart massage, etc. The man was a gray T-shirt on the top and ocher on the bottom. It looked like trousers. The man didn’t seem to run away, he stayed there and the gun was there. After that, he was taken down by the people who seemed to be SPs around him.”

There is video purportedly showing authorities carrying away the suspect in the shooting!

Video of the suspect’s arrest.

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