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If you employ individuals in your business it is wise to ensure they are honest and fair.   Unfortunately, NPR is neither. 

US taxpayers cover a significant amount of the expenses incurred by National Public Radio (NPR).  But this has been a raw deal for America-loving, God-loving, and Trump-supporting honest Americans.

For example, NPR recently shared that the critical race theory (CRT) was only a method of looking at history through race, not a sick and racist anti-American,  anti-white and communist theology pushed by those who detest America.

This weekend NPR wrote that some Americans in recent races are claiming that their primary elections were stolen:

While Trump has most notably spent the last 18 months denying his 2020 election defeat, despite clear evidence he lost, he’s not the only one. During this election cycle, candidates across the country have refused to concede – even in races that are not remotely close.

This week, a Colorado county clerk indicted on charges including election tampering finished last in the GOP Secretary of State race, refused to acknowledge her loss and accused officials of cheating.

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