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“Pronouns Matter”: UK Bank’s Attempt To Virtue-Signal Backfires

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A subsidiary of a £886 billion net worth bank attempted to virtue signal by proclaiming “pronouns matter” alongside an image of an employee wearing a “she/her/hers” tag, but the stunt massively backfired on Twitter.

“Pronouns matter. #ItsAPeopleThing,” tweeted Halifax Bank, which is owned by Lloyds Banking Group, one of the UK’s largest financial services organizations.

The topic immediately began trending on Twitter, with the vast majority of responses not displaying much sympathy towards the bank.

“What if a Halifax employee doesn’t want to put pronouns on their lapel, perhaps because they reject the cult of gender ideology?” asked Simon Edge. “Will they be disadvantaged in any way? Barred from promotion? Fired?”

His response garnered almost 4,000 likes.

Edge linked to a video of a man who said he made the “biggest mistake of his life” by having his genitals removed to become transgender.

“Are your staff able to opt out of this? Or do you sack them if they refuse?” asked Sarah Phillimore.

“Why just pronouns? Why not display your sexuality on there? Your favorite food? Your hometown?” said Eva Kurilova.

Another respondent attacked the bank’s woke credentials, pointing out they pay women 33.5 per cent less than men.

“They said *pronouns* matter. They never said women did,” responded another user.

“Super glad my tax helped prop you up in 2008 so you could vomit a rainbow in my face today,” remarked another in reference to Halifax being bailed out by the government.

“Reality matters more. I can guarantee that the majority of your customers are bored rigid with this and wish it would go away,” commented another respondent.

Despite such woke garbage continually proving to be incredibly unpopular with the general public, banks and transnational corporations just won’t stop doing it.

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