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On the 25th anniversary of the UK’s handover of Hong Kong to China, President Xi visited Hong Kong and claimed that after 2-3 years of protests and brutal arrests of protesters and the ending of freedom of the press, this is the beginning of true democracy in Hong Kong. 

Every year on this date (July 1) in Hong Kong there were million-person marches protesting China’s takeover of the tiny country.  But not this year.  Protests against China are now forcefully prevented.

After 2-3 years of brutal and violent crackdowns of protesters and COVID mandates, China is now firmly in charge.  This happened while using COVID to silently take away the Hong Kong people’s rights.

The reports of Xi’s arrival were mixed.  Along with Xi came a category 3 typhoon.

Xi teased in his speech that:

There is not a country or region in the world where its citizens would allow those who are not patriotic, or even traitors to get hold of political power”

Was this a reference to China ignoring the rights of the people of Hong Kong and forcefully pushing the China takeover or was this in reference to the Biden regime that appears to be under China’s direction and daily works against the American people?

Others gave reports on Xi’s arrival ignoring talking about the protesters and reporters who have vanished over the past few years.

The ‘celebrations’ were choreographed as Xi moved the topic from China’s takeover to housing for its citizens.

These past few years don’t bode well for Hong Kong’s future under China’s fist. 

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