Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Come hear about who Shilamida is and why Freedom is her core value. This show will be live weekly with wisdom and gratitude with Shilamida and a guest who will talk about freedom, health and wellness, clean living, holistic remedies, financial freedom, abundance, and more!

Chavet Constable Mason, is a mother, wife, volunteer, and veteran of the United States Navy And is a multi entrepreneur….Her focus and drive are multifaceted in both business and life. She is the only woman owned valet parking and management company in the nation. She is well versed in many areas of real estate, landlord, flipper, Airbnb. Chavet is a vice chair board member  and a fierce active guardian in Guardian Ad Litem, the primary child abuse victim advocacy agency in the state of Florida. She strives to continue mentoring  women in all areas of their lives to show them success is possible at any level and at any time. If we begin and end with love all things are possible.


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