Tue. May 17th, 2022
From The Gateway Pundit

The fake news mainstream Marxists hit another new low today.

The Washington Post and star contributor Taylor Lorenz doxxed a conservative Twitter user’s home address online.  Then they later deleted it and lied about it in an attempt to save face.

It didn’t matter.  The damage was done. The elites accomplished what they set out to do.  Out a conservative Orthodox Jew, dox her home address, then pretend they didn’t just do that.

This is why Americans detest the fake news machine.

Via Marina Medvin.

And the same crybully WaPo reporter who doxxed the Twitter user was crying on TV just two weeks ago about being doxxed by mean people. She crazy.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Washington Post article initially published the address of the anonymous user behind the conservative Twitter account “Libs Of TikTok.”

Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post columnist, wrote a Tuesday article titled, “Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine,” revealing the identity of the user who had intended to remain anonymous. The piece linked the user’s real estate page listing her full name and home address, which the outlet later removed.

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