Thu. May 19th, 2022

Welcome to the Lucid Libertarian w/ Lori-ann Show!  Sunday Nights 6-9PM Pacific / 9PM-Midnight Eastern  

I am happy to have Special Guest, Walt Peretto, joining the show!  He is a professional writer, researcher, analyst, and sociopolitical psychologist. Walt has written articles and been interviewed for various news outlets/publications including Press TV, Tehran Times, American Herald Tribune, Tasnim News Agency, and Balkan Press. His work has been republished by many news sites including David Icke, Sign Of The Times (SOTT), Newspunch, Before It Is News, Reddit, and SGT Report. Peretto has also contributed to publishing of 4 books including, The 9/11 Deception and False Flag Terror by Terence Smart and Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill. His subject matter includes analysis of world events and breaking news often through the lens of sociopolitical psychology—specifically the role of the organized psychopathy of the elite and the consensus trance of the common masses.

Thank you for spending your time this evening tuning in!  Call to join the discussion during the 2nd half of the show! (319) 527-6208 – Then, Press 1.


About the Show:  News and Political Opinion with Lucid Libertarian Flair. Pro-Freedom. Pro-Liberty. Pro-Bill of Rights. Pro-Limited Government. Expose Government Overreach, Corruption, and Globalist Tyranny.   ***This is not a scripted show, so the discussions are free flowing and often goes in unpredictable directions!

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