Tue. May 24th, 2022

Welcome family and friends and those called out of Babylon! 

One Minute Until Messiah – Free from Paul is a place to fellowship on Shabbat, which is from sunrise to sunrise the 7th day.

Saturday’s noon Pacific, 1pm Mtn, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern for 3 hours.  319-527-6208 to call

Host Rachel co host Aaron

Join an “Old Path” group of followers of Yahuah 

Our focus is on discovering the truth of the Way of the Father in Heaven and His Son. Therefore we study Torah, the prophets and the words of the Messiah only, free of the opposig gosple according to Paul, free of religious corruption and also free of the influence of the Roman Caatholic Church.  When they chose the 66 books of the Bible at the council of Nicea, they were guilty of levening the guide book to the Father.  Therefore we discuss finding our way out of Babylon and divorcing ourselves from the mother harlot. We discuss the parables that now have meaning in light of understanding the leven in the book 2.2 billion people called Christians believe is inerrant.  This program is a study done live that we invite you to join in on weekly. Welcome to our fellowship where we expose religion and explore the nature of the Father and His ways.


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