Sat. Jun 25th, 2022

Often, unknowingly and unconsciously, we block ourselves from the divine flow of love due to disharmonious energic interference patterns.  These interference patterns may manifest as physical dis-ease, emotional distress, and/or un-serving life experiences.  Harmonic Synthesis means harmony of the system. When there is harmony in the systems that govern our life, there is harmony and natural coherence in our body, mind, & spirit. This harmony naturally increases our clarity and we begin to create a life that truly serves our highest good.

Simply put, as Guides, we work with clients intuitively to locate emotions that are energetically stuck in the body and then work through the process of acceptance and love in order to integrate and harmonize all of it. It’s gentle, yet powerful.

If you’re curious what Harmonic Synthesis Healing Sessions look like, tune in to the show as Randi and I will be going into an in-depth explanation along with demonstrations. We will practice on each other unless we can summon a listener or a few to call in.  You can even do it anonymously 😉

Dial-in if you want to speak @ (319) 527-6208 then press 1

See you Friday morning 8/20/2021 @ 9am-1030am pst on Freedomizer Radio 

You can reach both Randi & I


Checkout the website and book your own session when you’re ready to experience harmony and flow.


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