Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Broadcasting my 7th show Friday 7/16 @ 9-1030am pst

My co-host Randi and I hit the ground running, talking about topics such as; Sovereignty, Masks, V*A*C*C*I*N*E*S, Natural Law, Harmonic Synthesis, Living our truth from our hearts, Medical Freedom, Energy Work, Parenting, and much more!

Randi will be out of town so on tomorrow’s show I’m going to step back a little in time and share some of my story. Consider it a getting to know me personally session. Upon this journey home to myself, I have discovered, just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, that I’ve had the power within me all along.

Tune in and see if my message is for you. Allow your heart to lead you as I share from my own experiences how I’ve developed my intuition and discernment. It just may be the next step for you to take on your path of coming home to your heart. I am relentless in questioning everything and I’m here to reclaim my sacred rebel and full Sovereignty, if that sounds like you too and you want to join in the conversation with me, please call in, and let’s get after it (319) 527-6208 press 1


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