Thu. May 19th, 2022

This week on Share All with Cheryl, join me, my co-host Randi Gerber and our special guest Amber Helgeson as we discuss what is going on in the world spiritually today. With so much unknown, how can we navigate through it without getting lost in the chaos?  Are things really going to get bad here on earth as we transition from old to new? When it looks as though those around us are losing it, how do we stay aligned?

These are some of the things we will explore as well as ways we can have peace while surrounded by the storm. It all begins with self, within our own mind, body, and heart.

We each have unique experiences and backgrounds with spirituality, religion, and new age, that led to an awakening of examining our own beliefs (some that were instilled in us in childhood), and from that place chose to come home to our own hearts. Service to self is service to others because home is where we find our purpose.

It’s a courageous journey. And it requires deep self-love. The kind of self-love that will only be found by going on the journey.

I invite you to listen in and if you feel compelled to join the conversation, please call in (319) 527-6208


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