Wed. May 25th, 2022

I know lots of people would disagree with me but no knock raids over drug related crimes should be eradicated. I am NOT an ACAB person but we have to find ways to identify and keep out people whom are entering these fields for the wrong reasons. Police have way too much power at this point in our society and it effects people of all color. Of course the more you convolute such things with race the more power you take from the people. It is largely a distraction meant to tear us apart as a society. That’s how the government keeps control; by turning us against one another. though we may need the government for some things the fact of the matter is they serve US. Not the other way around. The war on drugs and the culture of racism is used against us. The human mind can be very pliable and most governments have historical exploited anything it can to create a dangerous amount of dependency on the state.




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