Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

 So this week Mr.Eric Bell is not able to join us but I am going to come on to talk about some good old fashioned California racism. Odd how discriminating towards whites is considered inclusive and tolerant. Here we are in 2021; the outlook of our country currently seems grim. Where does the future lie for this once very powerful country? Can we come back from this candidacy?

 Everrything in the media is so black and white… Literally and metaphorically. Centrism is important.. Considering multipe sides of a scenario is important. They are using race so deviously: in the 90s we were taught to see us all as equal and capable. We were taught to help those who need help. Not just because they are a certain color.  I dont like the idea of the government handling matters of race past making the laws non discriminatory.. . Not saying eff poor white white people and hand their taxes out to exclusivly people of color. We can’t keep repeat such abusives back and forth as we have. 

I’m wrong a lot but the only way you learn is by admitting you are wrong. Grasping an idea so tightly you refuse facts and relevance is counter productive. Yet when I go over the news I’m overwhelmed with contradictions  and deceit. 

                                                                                                                                           Hang in there guys. -Violet


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